Another Divine Appointment

St james st..jpg

After writing my post this morning our family set off for a little getaway. When we arrived at our destination I looked up and saw this street sign next to the place we are staying.

What makes this significant?

My parents are moving to a place called St. James (if you’re still confused, read my previous post).

In my book I call these moments Divine Appointments, when God shows me He is walking this road beside me in life. I am grateful for this lovely appointment that came my way today and made my heart smile knowing God is with me.

I know all is well.  

I invite you to join me to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

And remember to keep your eyes and ears tuned in to the Divine Appointments set along your path. God is with you and will speak to you in ways that will resonate with where you are on your walk in faith.

I hope your next divine appointment makes your heart smile like this one did for me today💕🙏😊

With love and hope,