Loved People, Love People


On my morning walk yesterday I listened to  North Point Community Church podcast. It is my go to to listen to and I always come away with a nugget of wisdom to put into practice in my life.

Today I listened to Part 2 from their series: Three Things I Learned from a Movie I Didn’t Want to See. It’s about the movie Wonder.

The take away I had, and felt compelled to share with you is that “hurt people, hurt people.”

Isn’t that a sad truth?

When someone hurts us, or we hurt someone, it’s usually because there is something within us that has not been dealt with and we pass along the pain.

Clay Scroggins who shared this message, suggested that we learn to “understand others battles so we can love others better.”  

I love this because so often we think it is the other person who needs to change for our hearts to be at peace, but what if that’s person who needs to change is us? 

We can choose to love or judge others. But what will serve them and our own hearts and minds better? To love.

And when we find ourselves judging I invite you to join me to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

And let’s choose to look beyond the behavior and into the heart of the person we are judging. We may never learn someone else’s story but behind every negative word or act is an injured heart.

May we step out of ourselves and into their hurt, even if for a moment, to be able to meet them with greater compassion, kindness and empathy. May we choose to bridge our hurt heart with theirs and see that although our struggles may be different, our struggles have a purpose; and it isn’t to keep us apart, but to bridge our hearts together. May we see each other more transparently and choose to come beside one another with love.  

Because loved people, love people💕🙏💕And isn’t that what we need more of in this world?

With love and hope,