A Seed Needs To Break In Order to Grow

Mom and Dad holding my hand.jpg

I am finding the lessons I wrote about in my book are applicable to the current struggles I am experiencing in life. For example, Life Lesson 18 is A Seed Needs To Break In Order to Grow.

Although my struggle is different currently from when I wrote this life lesson, I am in the process of packing up my parents to move them out of state. I live in my hometown and am currently five minutes away from them.  In two weeks, we move them to NC. 

I have never lived in my hometown without my parents.  At this point in life they are my best friends who are our lunch and dinner dates and my mom is my walking partner.  They were by our side every moment during our walk with cancer last year, from driving us to appointments in NYC and Boston to be an extra set of ears to helping keep some sense of normalcy for the kids while I was away.

They are incredible people and I will miss them immensely.

Yes, my heart is broken.


If I live there, in my broken heart - which I honestly do some moments and days right now - I am so sad and my heart is too heavy. 

What I am trying to see is that God didn't stop this from happening and therefore is doing something new, for them and for me.

Something new is growing.  I don't know what but am leaning into God to help keep me upright during this time so I can be beside them and help them pack and move, like they have always been beside me.

I share this with you because although this isn't cancer, it is my truth.  And you don't need to share your struggle but please remember, just because your struggle may not be cancer, doesn't mean your truth doesn't matter.  Your truth matters here.  We are here to meet each other where we each are, with an open, loving heart, free from judgement.  This is a place to receive encouragement and be filled with hope.

I invite you to join me to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

May we all recognize that sometimes we need to break in order for us to grow.  Just like a seed, when we are in the pit, God made us with all we ever need within us to grow into what He made us to be.  May we use God's love as the sun and His Word as the water that will nourish us and help us grow out of this pit and into that person He made us to be.

I know it is easier said than done but I have found it to be the most beneficial perspective we can take.

With love and hope,

P.S.  In our Our Struggles Have Purpose book discussion group, we are on Life Lesson 18 today.  If you would like to join us, you have time to catch up!  We take a break on Sundays to catch up on the reading so you would have the weekend to catch up. They are quick chapters and I have had multiple people say they have read the book in a day, so catching up is definitely possible. It is a lovely group and we'd love for you to be a part of it!