A Wonderful Day

birthday 40.jpg

Yesterday was a wonderful day...

But today is too.

May we not wait to celebrate life on our birthdays. May we celebrate each day we are given. 

I know some days we feel weighed down and other days we feel like we are floating on a cloud. 

How can we celebrate both?

I invite you to join me to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

May we see that each day we have is a gift from God. May we celebrate the view from the clouds but also use that time to prep our hearts for the plateaus we all stand on and the valleys we all go through. And in the valleys may we seek, give thanks for, and be open to the lessons we are learning there so we may live more wisely on the plateaus and cloud moments in life. 

Every day is a gift🎁 May we celebrate others lives, and our own, by choosing to live out love today, no matter whether we are on a cloud, plateau or in the valley.💕🙏💕

With love and hope,