Listen to the Quiet Nudge

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This weekend I had the privilege of emceeing an event for Candace Payne. It was a joyful and powerful experience hearing her speak truth into people’s hearts.

Before meeting her, I read her books to get to know her story better. In one chapter of#LaughItUp she shared about a Smurfette pillow she had lost as a kid and how she’d love to have one again someday. After reading that request I felt like God whispered to my heart, “make her a pillow.”

What? I don’t even know which pillow it is. I am sure many others have given her one by now.

Which God replied, “just make her the pillow."

So I found myself online ordering fabric and imperfectly sewing her the pillow with my daughter.

When I gifted this to Candace I was nervous because I wasn’t sure how the imperfect pillow would be received, as I assumed she already had a number of them.

Yet when she opened is, she was overcome with joy. As this was the first Smurfette pillow she had received, and it happened to be the exact one😳💝🙏

To have been able to bring joy to the woman who has brought joy to over 200+ million people in her Chewbacca mask video is humbling.

I share this with you today because maybe God is speaking to your heart to say or do something and it makes no sense. You, like me, justify to God why we shouldn’t do it.

I invite you to join me to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

May we say yes to God even when it doesn’t make sense & we feel like we may make a fool of ourselves. May we be a part of spreading His love & joy to others as it may be exactly what that person is needing.

With love and hope,

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If you’ve read my book #LaughItUp, you know I’ve been longing to find a Smurfette pillow that holds nostalgia on a level I can’t even explain. Well, only three days after Laugh It Up turned 1 year old? This incredible woman (with a mighty powerful story of her own) honored me by finding the material & sewing it herself as a gift to me. Y’all. I just puddled in tears as I look back and post this pic. I don’t deserve y’all. You are seriously the best follower-friends in the WORLD! (Thanks so much, @shawnelizabethgeorge!) ❤️😭 #MyPeople#ForeverGrateful