I'm 40!

40 bday table.jpg

🎉Today I get to be 40🎉 Woohoo!!! What a gift💝

I wanted to invite you to celebrate with me! 


I believe in giving we receive so I am asking you to celebrate with me by purposefully living out love today. 

Give a smile, lend a hand, a listening ear. Write that text, make that call, pause to listen to the person beside you. The gift you give doesn’t have to involve money. Whatever you do, let it be from your heart. Give your time, your energy and if you choose to, use money; make a donation or buy a little something for someone you know, or don’t know😊 As much as the thought of you purposefully living out love today makes my heart smile, my hope is that it would make your heart, and the other person’s heart, smile too.

Feel free to share with me how you choose to live out love in a PM or if you post about it, tag me in your post @shawnelizabethgeorge or use#liveoutlove

Let’s see if together we can get at least 40 hearts smiling today by purposefully living out love for God💕😁💝

Thanks ahead of time for celebrating with me💞🙏🎉 

With love and hope,