A Moment of Pause


Half-day date with two of my four favorite people.  Mounds of laundry are on the bed and many other items on my to do list but this was a moment of pause to be present with those who matter most to me. 

I know the hustle and bustle are calling our names but I invite you to insert moments of pause during your day to root yourself back in with what matters most...and I personally find whether it’s a moment alone or with those who nourish me, when I take that pause and connect with love, I am more fueled for my day than when I allow myself to go go go until I am empty.

I invite you to join me and... 

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

And let’s not allow our to do lists and calendars to take our eyes off of who and what matters most.  Let’s invite moments of pause into our day and gain perspective and fuel our hearts, especially for this season so we can live close to what matters most.

With love and hope,