Root Ourselves in Love


My morning pause💗🙏😊

May we all take a moment this morning, and every morning, to... 

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

And fuel our hearts and minds with love today. We will encounter moments today that will try and shake us up. Like the other day I guess I didn’t move fast enough at a stop sign for the person behind me and they honked and gave me the finger☝🏼(ya, not that one). My initial thoughts were to defend myself verbally or to go real slow 🙃 but instead I drove along ignoring it and offered loving kindness their way💕

We can’t change what will happen today but we can control our responses to what happens. Let’s be proactive and root ourselves in love and truth in the morning so when we are shaken, love can flow from us onto others. For from the heart our mouths speak. Let’s fill it with the good stuff and let hate stop with us and pass along love to one another instead.

With love and hope,