What Is


On the way to the bus stop this morning, one of my children was full of "what ifs."

What if I miss the bus?

What if our neighbor misses the bus?

What if the bus driver came early?

What if the bus driver forgets to come?

What if...

It took me a number of questions in to realize the concern on my child's heart.  I stopped walking and looked at my child and said, "What if?" and paused.  I continued, "If any of those things happened you'd be okay, our neighbor would be okay.  We would just hop in the car and have a different way to get to school today.  We have plenty of time, there is no need to worry."

My child looked at me, smiled and continue walking towards the bus stop. (In hindsight, maybe stopping a child who thinks they will be late isn't the wisest choice:-/). Anyways.. 

Reflecting on that moment, I wish I had said, "What if you stopped thinking about those what ifs and instead thought about what is?"  

Because what is happening in the moment is what is real and what matters.  Our what ifs are the stories that take our mind away from the present moment.  They take us away from enjoying what is right there in front of us.

Today I invite you to take a moment with me and...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

Let's look inward and ask ourselves if we are living with any what ifs that need to be replaced with what is.  Personally, I have more scans next week.  I can choose live there in the what if and miss this day with my loved ones, or live today in the what is and meet that day when it arrives.  My practice will be in choosing the latter.

I invite you, whatever your what if may be, to join me and let's refuse to allow the possibility of tomorrows troubles rob us of today's joy.  This is the day God has made.  Let us experience the joy in it.

With love and hope,


"Can by worrying you add a single hour to your life?" - Matthew 6:27