When I see her...

Kate at Barbs.jpg

When I see her...
I see that sweet baby girl cuddled in my arms for the first time.

I see that baby girl on her Dad’s chest as they slept together on the couch.

I see her in the swing with our dog laying in front of her, watching out for her.

I see the curious little girl sitting on my lap flipping through books as we read together.

I see the caring little girl who would sit beside her little brother as he sat in the bouncy seat.

I see the playful little girl dancing barefoot in the grass.

I see the carefree little girl singing from her heart.

I see the creative little girl making drawings out of pudding.

I see the determined little girl who learned to ride her bike one day and the next day road her bike to school.

I see the confident little girl who has always owned her own style.

I see the loving little girl sitting beside her brother while holding her new born brother in her arms.

I see the thoughtful girl making muffins for a neighbor.

I see the joyful girl jumping off the dock and boogie boarding with her cousins.

I see the brave girl hop on the kayak and paddle away on her own.

I see the devoted granddaughter who came beside her grandmother as she fought cancer, bringing my mom her loving presence daily.

I see the loyal girl who is willing to get hurt so others don’t have to.

I see the driven girl who has big dreams for her future.

I see the faithful girl beside me asking me to pray for others.

I see the adventurous girl mapping out what her next adventure will be.

I see the precious girl wrap her arms around her dog for the last time when she had to say goodbye to her.

I see the resilient girl who will never give up.

I see the honest girl trying to navigate through these bumpy tween years.

I see the courageous girl who fought beside me through my walk with cancer.

I see the helpful girl who lends a hand without being asked.

I see the fun girl making memories with her friends.

I see the grateful girl who gives hugs to express her gratitude.

When I see her, I see the sweet baby girl I held in my arms for the first time 13 years ago today, growing into a lovely young woman.

We look forward to seeing what is next for her.

💕🙏🎉Happy 13th Birthday Kate💕🙏🎉