Real Connections


This is the door that has separated me from my family for days.


Because the day after I came home from our trip, I was diagnosed with the flu😷 (better than cancer like the last trip!)

Something significant I have learned in these few days is that technology does not replace the real connections we make in person with one another.

A text hug emoji is not the same as giving someone a hug.

Reading a book to someone over FaceTime is not the same as snuggling up next to one another and reading it together.

Playing a game against one another online is not the same as sitting around the table interacting with one another.

Saying good morning and good night, and everything in between, has more potency behind it in person than it does through a screen.

I am an arms length away from my family yet am missing the real connections that come by being with my family in person, not over a screen. It has been a solid week I have been away between my trip and being sick, and I am ready to interact with my family again in person asap. The laughs, talks, jokes, games, reading, walks, music, and simply doing nothing in the same space is missed. We may drive each other crazy at times, but in this moment I am seeing the beauty in that too!

I share this with you today because I know I am not alone in seeing how technology is where people are seeking to connect with others more and more. Yes, technology has its benefits but it will never replace the depth of connection that comes with being with others in person.

I invite you to join me to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

May we embrace the truth that real connections are made while interacting in person with one another. May we never allow technology to take the place of making real connections in our lives.

May we speak this truth into the hearts of the upcoming generations. May we do our part to let them know they are seen, heard and loved for who they really are offline and encourage them to connect in person with their friends too.

May we lead by example and put down our devices to put in the time to make real connections with one another. Who knows what doors it will open to others hearts by doing so?

With love and hope,