Unplug to Get Connected

18 Dandridge door.jpg

This is the place we called home for the past week. There are so many more lessons I learned on this trip than I’ve shared with you. I caught myself this week when I would get an idea, I would just want to start writing. Yet this trip I am purposefully trying to unplug and be present and connect with those I love, rather than hop on a device to write.

It’s a practice, not a perfect one. Yet as our kids are getting older and they will be wanting social media at some point, I want to show them by example, that you can be with who you are with and connect online another time.

With that said, we are on the road again and I am going to hop off of here and enjoy this time in the car with my crew.

I hope you will join me to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

May we grow more conscious of unplugging from our screens so we can connect with those who are beside us. May we be present with who we are with and nourish the relationships with our loved ones, showing them the most important connections you can make are offline.

With love,

P.S. The lessons I’ve learned here I’ll share soon😊