Find Your Krew

18ACC Kellies Krew.jpg

A few days ago I saw there was a walk/run for ACC in Dunn, NC. I turned to Stephen and said, “mind if we go? “ He graciously said, “let’s do it” so we left the Smokies a day early to come to meet other ACC survivors, fighters, and the family members of Kellie, who lost her battle to ACC in 2014. Her family now carries on her memory through this race, which Kellie started to connect with other ACC warriors and their families.

We had the privilege last night to have dinner with these inspiring warriors. We heard each other’s stories, we laughed and cried together and bridged hearts for life with one another.

I share this with you today to say no matter your struggle, there are others out there who are fighting or have fought a similar battle. 

I invite you to join me to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

I strongly encourage you to seek out your crew. They may be close by, they may be far, they may be online (where I found my ACC warriors and family), but they are out there.

None of us need to walk through our struggles alone. There are others who have been through it, or who are going through it, who are wanting and willing to walk beside us, and our families.

As I stood there second in line, with one of the most recent cases of ACC, I saw the people behind me who have my back, and I was able to say to the newest diagnosed member of our ACC family that I have her back now too. And my family was able to see that we have an even bigger family than we ever knew💝

What a gift a community like this is. I wholeheartedly believe there is a community out there for you too, that can support you during this time.

I’ll be praying beside you that you too find your crew, like I found mine, Kellies Krew.

With love and hope,