Thank You Antoinette...


This weekend one of our ACC warriors passed away. I only knew her online but my heart aches hearing of her loss. She was a beautiful soul who radiated love through her words and actions.

Today, in honor of her I want to take three lessons she taught me in life and share them with you.

1. Experience life to the fullest.

She was in hospice and chose to get up and have a trip of a lifetime rather than just lay waiting for her time to come.

2. Scatter seeds of love and joy.

As she met death eye to eye, she was still able to scatter love and joy to those around her...she even had a celebration of life where she gathered with her loved ones before her passing.

3. Use your unique gifts to leave the world more beautiful.

She is an artist. And her unique gift and creations make the world more beautiful and will remain with us now that she has passed.

I am thankful for Antoinette for what she taught me and I invite you to join me to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

May we absorb these life lessons she leaves behind and live them out ourselves today. We may or may not be on the edge of life but why not live like we are everyday?

With love and hope,