May We Never Forget

911 statue Amy.jpg

We promised to never forget so today I want to honor two people whose names need to never be forgotten.

The first name is Harold Coyle. He is my uncle and an NYFD fireman from Ladder 18 who ran towards danger that day. We are thankful he made it out seconds before the second tower fell. He helped many to safety that day yet he lost many friends. Although he survived, he walks beside us in life today with this day forever etched in his soul. He continues to move towards the pain in life, coming beside those in need; including me last year. He is a quiet hero whose name and story we must always remember.

The second name is Amy Toyen. She is a daughter, sister and best friend to Brandy. She is from my hometown and tragically lost her life that morning while attending a meeting in one of the towers. May we always remember her name and her story. May we also remember that her parents, sister and friends walk around everyday with this tragic loss on their hearts. This statue is outside the library is my hometown, honoring her memory. Although many walk by it daily, I pray they come to know Amy’s story so we may never forget her and what happened that day.

Two heroes. One still with us and one who has passed. Remember their names and tell their stories. Leave below the names and stories of those you want remembered from this day in our history.

911 uncle harold and me.jpg

May we never forget them for each of their stories brings us back to that day and gives us perspective for today. Although our hearts were heavy, there was a unity we experienced in our homes, communities and nation that made all the walls fall away. We saw beyond the surface and into each other’s hearts that day. We hurt together yet we were united by our hurt.

I invite you to join me to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

May we never forget this day, the names and stories of the people we lost, and the one’s who ran towards the danger. May we never forget the survivors and all the families and friends that walk among us every day with this day forever etched in their soul. May we never forget the unity we experienced that day. 

May we never forget🙏

With love and hope,