My Snow Day Truth

2018 SNOW DAY.jpg

We had a snow day here yesterday❄️ I realize I don’t take pictures when we are all being lazy or when we are having ... hmmmm 🤔 ... we will call them “moments” in our home. Those were a part of our day. I guess I capture moments more like this one, aka the highlights.

I share this with you because the last snow day we had was a day I was having trouble showing up for myself, let alone my kids.  It was a very lazy day and when I hopped on social media I saw all the things people did with their kids and places people went. That snow day the three places our kids went were to the couch, the kitchen table and to bed. If that was you yesterday I invite you to... 

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

And please know you are normal and not alone. There are others out there, like me, who have unpinteresting days too.

We are all doing our best, moment-by-moment, day-by-day. Yesterday’s snow day was a little more eventful than the last one. I was tempted to share my pictures but realized there was someone out there who was feeling the way I was the last snow day. I share this one picture now only to come beside you and share with you this message.

Whether we gave our kids the laziest day of their life, the most exciting adventure or something in between, we need to remember they are learning from every experience we give them, even the boring ones. And the bottom line is the most important thing we need to give them any day is our love💕

With love and hope,