The Edge

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The Edge

This is the place I have been living for the past couple of years; on the edge of life.

Yes, I am well yet when God walks you to the edge and shows you the beautiful view of life and gives you an eternal perspective, it’s hard to want to see any other view.

Naturally I find myself walking away from the edge some days and losing perspective.  As a mom to three kids, living on the edge makes it hard to walk beside them where they are in life.  And where they are matters. I try and shine a light of perspective their way here and there, but it’s not their time yet to live on the edge. I need to walk in a sit beside them where they are.

I am brought back to the edge often when people invite me to sit beside them on the edge; a friend battling cancer for the second time, a parent staying clean, a young father who had a stroke, a young man battling anxiety, a seven year old fighting for her life, the loss of a loved one, etc.

I am honored to be invited in, to sit beside these friends on the edge.  It is a place so many are every day.  We may walk by them, even interact with them regularly, and never know their stories. 

I share this with you today in case you are on the edge.  I am here beside you.  Never hesitate to send me a note so I can pray and sit with you.

I share this today too for those of you who are on the edge and you find it hard to function off the edge.  I see you.  I get you. I am you.

I also share this for those whose perspective is foggy right now, on or off the edge.

May we all take a moment to...

pause. breathe. pray.

May we together take a step to the edge.  May the fog lift so we may see the beautiful view from the edge of life.  The view that brings clarity, perspective, and peace. May it open our eyes to all we have taken for granted and give us a heart full of gratitude for all that we have; most importantly God and one another.

Yes, we will wander from the edge, even in the next hour I may admittedly wander. Whenever we step away and/or lose perspective, may God redirect us back to the view He gives us.  The view that brings a clear perspective to what really matters in life and a heart full of gratitude, a view from the edge.

With love and hope,