Undivided Presence and Time

2019 Stephen bday2EEB068A-B3BE-471B-81CC-D775D9FAF15D.JPG

🎉Yesterday we celebrated Stephen’s birthday🎉

Recently our youngest came down in the morning and snuggled up onto Stephen’s lap.  It was such a precious moment I had to capture it.

When I looked at Matty there on Stephen’s lap it made me realize it’s how our family feels when we are with Stephen; loved, accepted, calmed, comforted and safe. I am so grateful for Stephen and who he is to me and for our kids.  By choosing to give us his undivided presence and time consistently, he lets us each know we matter without saying a word.

I am inspired by the way he loves us and wanted to share with you so I could invite you to join me to...

pause. breathe. pray.

May we too choose to consistently give our undivided presence and our time to those beside us in life to strengthen our relationships.  For the greatest gifts we can give one another may not cost a penny yet are worth everything.

With gratitude and love,