Build Others Up, Even When It's Hard

2019 Matty walking at park.jpg

On our walk to the park yesterday, my youngest would run away from me every time I came within a couple feet of him. When I asked what he was doing he said, “I just want to get ahead.”

When I thought about this, it made me think of how I can be in life at times. Sometimes I may be “trying to get ahead” that I miss opportunities to walk beside those who are beside me. I know that wasn’t the heart of my youngest but he showed me the importance of walking beside him and not “trying to get ahead” myself.

Then on the way home, he repeatedly asked me to give him a piggy back ride claiming he was tired. (If you know my youngest, you know he rarely tires.)

Rather than doing the work for him, I encouraged him that he was able, he was strong enough, and that he was growing stronger inside and out by challenging himself to walk home.

Needless to say, he was not amused by my encouragement. Yet as our home came in sight, he sprinted to the door.

As much as I wanted to give him a piggy back ride, I knew this moment was an opportunity to build him up and speak truth into his heart that he can do more than he thinks he can.

I share these moments with you today in case you are busy trying to get ahead and/or are growing tired of whatever walk you are on. I invite you to join me to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

May we choose to be where we are and walk beside who is with us. May we trust the path God has for us and not try and get ahead of where He has us and miss out on the opportunities to be with who we are with.

And may we have faith that God has equipped us for this walk we are on. If we are growing tired, may we surround ourselves with people who will speak life and truth into us and remind us that God will equip us.

As we headed to bed last night, I gave Matty a piggy back ride just to make his heart smile. Because love makes us do hard things sometimes, and love can be fun too💗

With love and hope,