Be Who We Were Made to Be

2019 Chris N. lake boat dock.jpg

“A ship in port is safe, but that is not what it is made for.” - John A. Shedd

This morning I read about the loss of more lives by acts of hate. My heart aches for all involved, including the people who were the cause of it.

Why would I be sad for them?

Because they weren’t well. Those who are well within, wouldn’t choose those type of actions.

“Hurt people, hurt people. Loved people, love people.” - @andy_stanley

I share this with you today because news like this can be crippling for us to hear. Fear can grip our heart. Yes, I could wrap my arms around my family, stay close to home and not venture out into our day.

But that is not what we are made for.

If you too want to stay safe at home, I understand and invite you to join me to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

May we choose to unwrap the rope from our dock of safety and take a step in faith today to be who we were made to be. We were each made on purpose, with a purpose; to love others.

May we not take lightly that purpose.

Yes, it is important to love those beside us and that may be where we need to be today. Yet we also need to venture out and love others who need it too. Our words and/or actions could be what plant the seed for a heart to shift from hurt/hate to love today.

We have a choice in front of us, to stay safe or be who we were made to be?

Let’s go be who we were made to be in hopes our words and/or actions will be part of the change we need in our world.

With love and hope,