Rest In Peace Friends

2019 Gabe and Vickey.jpg

This morning I walked in memory of Vickey and Gabriele. These two women were the first ones I connected with when I was diagnosed with ACC.

Last month we lost Vickey and yesterday Gabe passed away.

They were both initially diagnosed over 10 years ago, yet both experienced reoccurrences with ACC which caused their passing.

Gabe and Vickey inspired many, including me. They lived and loved fully and deeply knowing that tomorrow isn’t promised. They did what they could do with the day before them to make the most of their time here beside their loved ones. They both were brave and hopeful and were active in raising awareness and funds for ACC even in the midst of their battle.

My heart is sad for their families and friends, and for our ACC family. We have lost two amazing women, and we still have so many fighters in the ring with ACC😔 I hope we someday are able to find a cure for ACC. (If you would like to donate to Gabe’s nonprofit, please visit Brave Like Gabe).

Vickey and Gabe, may you Rest In Peace in God’s warm embrace. Thank you for being a radiant light of love in my life and many others. I will always remember you💕🙏💕

With gratitude and love,