Be a Builder

2019 construction hat.jpg

Yesterday I walked by construction workers with our kids. As we passed by them, I said hello to one of the construction workers and thanked him for what he does every day.

My youngest looked at me confused and said, “Why did you thank him? He isn’t building that building for you.”

I let our son know that just because what the construction worker was doing didn’t impact me directly, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate what he does. Also, I added that it never hurts to thank people for their contribution to our community.

He shrugged off my response like any 7 year old would but hopefully a seed of truth was planted in him🌱

I share this with you today in case I don’t get to pass you like I did the construction worker yesterday. I want to take a moment to thank you for your contribution to our community. Whether you are a parent, a CEO, a writer, farmer, musician, cashier, librarian, teacher, administrative assistant, fireman, custodian, nurse, volunteer, lineman, etc. Whatever you are doing today that impacts others in a positive way, please know you are seen, valued and appreciated. Whether you hear these words of gratitude on a regular basis or not, I invite you to join me to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

Please plant this truth within your heart and mind and reflect on it in the hard moments of your work. May this truth be fuel in your tank for the day, and days ahead.

And may you join me and share this truth with others you pass today by expressing gratitude for the work of others.

There is nothing better than speaking the truth in love to another person and seeing their eyes light up when they know they’ve been seen and their work is appreciated.

May we build one another up in our homes, in our communities and beyond💕🙏💕

With gratitude and hope,