At the Cross

2019 cross on trail.jpg

Yesterday was a joyful day but here is the truth behind the celebration...

As the years move on, with ACC, the reoccurrences are more likely. The further you move away from treatments with most cancers, you are told you are in remission. With ACC, we are never told those words. I personally say I am cancer free until I am told otherwise to soften that truth for myself, and for others too.

I don’t share this for pity but to share the truth I have to live with, and my ACC family has to live with every day.

And over the past month, having lost many people in our ACC family and many having reoccurrences, fear has been creeping back in as I wonder if it will be back, and if so, when.

I know that is not the place I want to live but it is a natural place I circle through before I put my feet back in the solid ground of my faith.

I start and end my day, and my walks, literally at the cross. Prayer is my saving grace to help me move through my days with greater peace and joy, even with the uncertainty of what tomorrow holds.

In full transparency, I have to go for more bloodwork and possibly another MRI this week due to a new symptom I am experiencing.

If I didn’t have my faith to lean into, I don’t think I’d be standing.

Joy for me is in the promise Jesus gives me. Joy is not found in my circumstances.

I share this because I am not the only one who lives in this space, looking down the trail of the unknown. For those who too are on this walk with me, I invite you to join me to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

Although we may be uncertain of the path before us, may we be certain in this, God is with us every step of the way. He may not take away our struggles but may we trust He is using them to refine us, and others, in the process so we can live with faith, and not fear, as the foundation we walk upon each day.

With love and hope,