God's Path

2019 spring trail walk.jpg

Walking along the trail this morning with Georgia I saw the fence lining this portion of the trail. It reminded me to stay on my path in life because recently I have felt like I am detouring a bit from where I am supposed to be.

It’s easy for me to look around and see what this person is doing and what that person is doing and have thoughts that stray me off course.

I share this with you today in case you are able to relate to seeing other people’s paths and taking a detour from the path you are meant to be on, personally and/or professionally.

I invite you to join me to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

May we recognize God gives us each a path to follow. On that path is where we will thrive in life and become the best version of ourselves.

May we look to other’s paths and offer them well wishes but let’s not take on their path as our own. It is important to give thanks for the path we have been given and continue to follow it.

May we recognize we were each given certain gifts from God we are meant to use. By staying along our path we can fine tune those gifts instead of detouring and mistaking other people’s gifts as our own. 

May we come beside one another along the way and offer our gifts to each other. By doing so may we sharpen and refine each other into better versions of ourselves so we may use of gifts well.

Today let’s give thanks for the path we’ve been given. May we not look to the left or right wishing to be on someone else’s path. Instead may we walk the path before us, with solid, faithful steps. May we invite others beside us to help us grow into the best version of ourselves. And may we give what we have to offer to help others grow into the best version of themselves along their path as well.

With love and hope,