Brave Like Gabe Run 2019

2019 brave like gabe run.jpg

On this cold and rainy day we had every reason to stay inside our cozy home. Yet one of my ACC friends is back in the hospital. And today she is hosting a 5k to raise money for rare cancer research. Unfortunately she wasn’t able to make it to her own event. I know her heart is there but her body is resting and hopefully healing. Although we weren’t able to make it to MN to run in her honor at the 5K, Stephen and I chose to hit the trails to run for Gabriele today. 

As Gabe fights this infection and her third round with ACC, she has continued to inspire and shine her light of love raising awareness and funds for ACC. The least we can do is come beside her in prayer and support her along her walk with cancer and the purpose she is finding in it.

I invite you to join us today to...

Pause. Breathe. and Pray

for Gabe, and all who are fighting their battles. May we choose to get out of our comfort zone to show up for others when we have the opportunity to do things for them and/or in their honor.

I also invite you to support Gabriele Grunewald by contributing to her Brave Like Gabe organization in her honor today. May the light your love shine bright towards her on this grey day.

With love and hope,

To shine a light of love Gabe's way today, please consider donating to Brave Like Gabe. To do so visit 💕🙏💝