Abundance of love

2019 farm stand pic.jpg

Yesterday was filled with simple moments. From meals around the table together, yard work, a drive to pick up plants, a couple hours at the ball field, these moments may not seem like much but to me, they are everything. 

This spring season has been busy. Maybe you can relate. Yesterday we were intentional and directional as we went slow. We had present moments beside one another. We even had margin to stop along our drive to take this picture.

The more I live, the more I see that life is found in these simple moments beside our loved ones. We are not always together so I am trying to capture the moments with who I get to be beside.

I feel alive in these moments, knowing that who I am with and pouring love their way is truly all that matters.

There are so many other responsibilities and commitments that can pull me away from being present in these precious moments and living in this simple truth. 

I share this with you today in case you needed the reminder as I did to go slow, be present and enjoy the simple moments beside your loved ones.

I invite you to join me to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

May we go slow enough to be able to say no where we need to do we may say yes to who and what matters most. May we be with who we are with and enjoy these fleeting moments beside one another. May we schedule in time around the table with our loved ones to pour our time and energy into who matters most in our lives.

From the outside looking in it may not seem like much. Yet from the inside out, we will be living in abundance, an abundance of love.

With love and hope,