The Real Magic

2019 disney wristband pic.jpg

Some weeks are magical, others are not. This week was a magical week. 

It was filled with fun, laughter, adventure, connection, more memories made, coupled with real moments as we took a road trip down and up the east coast🚙

As we head back home I realize this time together was our family huddle before we go back out onto the field of life. Our family is our team, with each of us playing our unique positions. No matter what happens on the field, the hope is that we always know we have the safety of the huddle to return to when we need it.

I share this with you today because being a part of a huddle matters, not just in our families, but in our communities and beyond.  

I invite you to join me to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

May we recognize the power in taking the time to connect with others. May we remember that no matter what lies in front of us is not as significant as who God put beside us. May we take the time to huddle together, especially when life gets busy, to connect with those beside us. As we enter back into our daily routines, may we remember we are never entering our days alone, we each are a part of a bigger team, and always have our huddles to return to.

You see, the real magic in life is not about where we are, but is about building real connections with those beside us and reminding one another that we each are a unique and valuable part of our huddles.

With love and hope,