Family Traditions

2019 soda bread.jpg

🍀The family tradition continues🍀

For generations my family has gathered in our kitchens to make Irish soda bread together. My great grandmother taught my Nana, my Nana taught my mom, my mom taught me, and now I am baking these breads with our children.

We mix, we bake.
We gather, we eat.
We talk, we laugh.
We do it on repeat.

This family tradition is more than the delicious bread. Making this bread brings our family together. While we gather to eat, it gives us a chance to talk about, and give thanks for, all those who came before us to get where we are today.

Sharing this tradition with my kids may not seem like a lot, yet I am sure my great grandmother didn’t realize the greatest memory her great, great grandkids would have of her was her soda bread.

This thought made me...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

May we recognize that the simplest acts of love we do beside our children may have the most lasting impact on them, and the generations that follow.💚🙏🍀

With love and hope,