Dedicate the Day


This morning on my walk with Georgia I saw a bench I have passed a thousand times.  I read the nameplate as I have read many times as well.

As I continued to walk, I was praying for friends who are going through a hard time.  

I thought back to the bench and how the bench was dedicated to a loved one.  I had the thought, “what if I dedicate this day to someone too?”

What if throughout my day, I held my friend so close to my heart, my words and actions were focused on living out love towards them, or for them, today?

I share this with you because I you too know someone who is going through a hard time too. I invite you to join me to...

pause. breathe. pray.

May we dedicate this day to those who come to mind.  If we have the chance to connect with them, let’s do that.  If that’s not possible, may we keep them close to our hearts in prayer.  When we have to do something mundane, may we do it for them.  When we meet an obstacle today, may we conquer it for them.  When we have the chance to lift someone else’s spirits let’s take a step to do it for them.

May our walk in life not just be about ourselves.  May we come beside others, even if we can’t physically, in prayer and dedicate this day to them as a sign of our love for them.

With love and hope,