Divine Appointment #5

DA 5.jpg

Divine appointments are moments where God is speaking into my heart, whether it is an interaction with someone, or through a book, song, etc. In my new book, Our Struggles Have Purpose, there are ten divine appointments I share and this is number five.

I share this with you because it was fourteen years ago today I said “I do” to Stephen and we danced to our wedding song that I mention here💝

Who knew then all we’d go through?

On our wedding day, I didn’t give it much thought to the readings that we read. Yet when I went back to check a few years ago, like many others, 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, was one of our readings. Now when I listen to the wisdom in those words...

Love is patient.
Love is kind.
Love is humble.
Love is selfless.
Love is slow to anger.
Love does not keep record of wrongs.
Love celebrates truth.
Love protects.
Love trusts.
Love hopes.
Love perseveres.
Love never fails.

I see how Stephen has lived out love towards me all these years, through the valleys, plateaus and on the mountain tops of marriage. And I do my best (though imperfectly) to live out this truth towards him every day.

It’s been quite a journey the past fourteen years and I couldn’t be more grateful for Stephen remaining by my side, and holding my hand, every step of the way.

I share this with you today to remind you that there are divine appointments waiting for us every day. God has orchestrated them to speak truth into our hearts. Sometimes we are ready to hear them, like that day in Boston, and other times, it may be a seed planted that one day grows into something, like the words from the reading on my wedding day.

I invite you to join me to...

Phase. Breathe. Pray.

May we open our eyes and ears for divine appointments coming our way today. May they be a reminder that God is with us and loves us.  

With love and hope,