Life's Detours

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Yesterday I was driving with my kids and we hit a detour. As we took the detour we kept going but there were no signs directing us for a while to help guide us along our way.  

At first I felt inconvenienced by this detour but after the second detour sign, my kids and I started turning it into an adventure. We weren’t sure where we were or where we’d end up.

At one point one of my kids said, “put on the GPS.” My response? “No, this is what it was like before GPS. We will get there. It may not be the quickest way but it will be an adventure together!”

As we approached this sign - which happened to be the last detour sign - we were laughing. We had “Nowhere to go, nowhere to be.” (Those are lyrics from a Kenny Chesney song I sing a lot to my kids to remind them (and me) to slow down and just enjoy this ride we are in together.) We eventually found our way back to familiar roads and gave thanks for the detour.

I just left my MRI in Boston. As I laid there on the table praying, this detour sign and my experience with my children yesterday played through my head.

Yes, today is a detour and we will not know the next turn right away. My initial response at having an MRI was fear based. Yet now as faith leads me again, I can see that, as we did yesterday, we don’t have to fear this journey but can turn this into an adventure we experience together.

I share this with you in case you too have been taking on a detour. I invite you to join me to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

And may we move past the inconvenience of this detour and instead find joy around each turn along the way with those beside us. And I pray that when we find our way back to familiar roads, we can give thanks for this detour we are on🙏

With love and hope,