Happy Birthday Dad!


“The words you speak to you child becomes their inner voice.” 

Today is my Dad’s birthday and I am celebrating and reflecting on all that he has given me in life...not anything material...but the words and actions he spoke into my heart all these years.

One of his rules was we couldn’t say the word can’t.  He believed we could and be whatever we put our minds to and didn’t want us settling for less than he believed my brother, sisters and I deserved.

He made us listen to inspirational books on tape and now I can’t do laundry without filling my ears with a podcast that will inspire me in some way.

His steno notepads were the death of me as a kid.  He made us write to do lists ALL the time.  Yet I continue to do this daily as an adult.

He made us have family meetings where we came together as a family and talk about things.  I have continued that tradition with my family weekly.

He made us do yard work.  It’s a joke that our childhood was spent weeding and mulching but it did teach us good work ethic.

He was generous with his time with a man from church who has a physical disability and helped him out often and created in me a heart to help those in need.

He set up boundaries for my siblings and me which we didn’t like but now we find ourselves doing the same as parents.

He brought us to the homeless shelter in Hartford throughout our teen years.  Rather than serving the food, he would be found sitting beside the guys talking with them.  We still go to that same shelter as a family and soon I will bring my own kids there to serve.

He always encouraged me when I played basketball and even coached a couple of my teams.  It wasn’t always easy but he pushed me to grow.  He chose to put his time and energy into helping me become a better player.  By being present, he also helped me become a better person because my Dad was beside me, believing in and encouraging me.

When I started writing and speaking, my Dad was there beside me, encouraging me.  He believed in me on this new path in life and helped me believe in myself.

Last year he was beside our family, every step of the way...even driving straight home from his sisters in Alabama when he heard I was diagnosed.  He drove us to appointments from Hartford, to NYC, to Boston.  He showed up for every appointment, was there for my surgery and spent a week with me in Boston for treatment.

I can’t thank God enough for my Dad.  He has been an anchor in my life and I am grateful to celebrate him today💝

Happy Birthday Dad! Thank you for always being there and for all the truth, love, belief and hope you have spoken into my heart💕🙏😘

I share this with you today, to yes, celebrate my Dad, but also to speak into parents heart (even my own) that what we say and do speaks into our children’s hearts everyday.  

I invite you to join me to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

May all we say and do, breathe life into their hearts to be the people God made them to be...even if they don’t appreciate it now, trusting they will in time🎁

With love and gratitude,