Inspired By My Daughter

I am inspired by my daughterđź’ť. She is a warrior in her own way. She and her friends came together to raise awareness and over $5000 for Relay for Life. They had a joyful day together walking laps and hanging out with a purpose yesterday. It was beautiful to witness.

A moment that captured my heart is when my daughter and one of her friends, two years in a row now, sat together as they were honored as caregivers. 

They are 12.

On the outside they live every day beside their peers as the 12 years olds they are but yesterday, they got to be honored for the brave, courageous, caring souls they are and how they were caregivers for their moms at such a young age. It breaks my heart but I too see the beauty in their strength, faith, hope and love.

I had a wise woman ask me recently, “have you released your daughter?” She continued saying that I needed to thank her for stepping up and helping around the house and acknowledge all she did, but I too need to tell her I release her from those grown up responsibilities and tell her to go back to being 12.

What a gift those words were to me, and to my daughter🙏

I share this with you today to celebrate my daughter, husband, sons and every caregiver in my life and in yours. May we take a moment to... 

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

And thank them for all they have done, and also tell them we release them from the responsibilities that are no longer theirs and allow them to go back to being who they need to be at this moment in their lives.

With love, gratitude and hope,