Do What Is Best

sunshine mug.jpg

This time of year seems to pick up speed. Having made the conscious choice not to volunteer this year (so I could get back to day-to-day life) I am seeing how we are pulled in so many directions to do this, go there, get that, etc.

It’s a lot!

So as a person who is sitting on the sidelines watching this game play out I just want to say, you are enough today, just as you are doing nothing more than existing. There are so many good things to choose from that we could be doing with our time. Let’s each lay down what is good and find what is best.  

And it’s important that we learn to love each other there. May we lay down judgement of who is doing what and simply embrace we are all doing what is best. 

I invite you to join me to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

Let’s each choose to do what is best. May we love each other beyond the surface of what we see and into each other’s hearts. Let’s not look at what we are or aren’t doing but speak to each other’s hearts and say I love you where you are. Thank you to those who are showing up for themselves today to rest and renew themselves to bring their best self to the world. Thank you to those who are showing up in many ways for many people today, and thank you to everyone in between.

When we can meet each other at our hearts truth and that truth is received with love, the freer we all become to live a more authentic, loving life.

With love and hope💕🙏💕

P.S. I am witnessing that society doesn’t give us permission to rest unless we are sick or there is some other good excuse. The reality is sometimes we all just need to renew our mind, body and/or Spirit, without a diagnosis or a validated excuse.

So for those of you who a good rest is best, here I am speaking into your heart and giving the healthy you permission to rest so you can renew yourself from the inside out💕