Remember Your Why

2018 faith over fear.jpg

Writing and publishing your own book means taking the computer with you to get your oil changed😊

It may sound like fun but truth be told, it’s a lot of patience, perseverance, determination and endurance because it isn’t an easy journey.

Yet my hope is this book will someday encourage someone whose heart is struggling and remind them that their struggle has purpose too.
And it’s that hope that is the fuel in my tank⛽️

And if you too have a goal you are working towards, take a moment to remember your why.

My why is that someday my kids and grandkids will have these words as an encouragement for their hearts when they needs it.

When we uncover our why, we can overcome the obstacles and move towards goal with greater focus.

I invite you to join me to..

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

And may we all remember it’s not what we are working towards, but the why behind it that will get us there.

With love and hope,