It's In Great Hands

1:2 puzzle.jpg

Where is the other half of this puzzle you may wonder? 

It’s in good hands.  

No, it’s in great hands.

This morning I had the opportunity to speak with 24 high school students. I was able to share with them that who they are today, is enough, inside and out. That they need to stop trying to change who they are and start looking to become who they were made to be. I was able to share that yes, they may have struggles within but that those struggles aren’t meant to weigh them down in life but they are there to help them rise up in life, refining them into their best self. I was able to speak truth into their hearts and let them know that they each are needed to bring their unique gifts into the world and that their piece of the puzzle matters.

Each one of those students now has a piece of this puzzle as a reminder that they are unique and valuable members of their families, our community and the world.

I know sometimes we worry about where the world is heading but when we choose to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

And empower our youth by coming beside them to let them know that they are needed and are valuable just as they are and infuse hope into their hearts, I wholeheartedly trust our future, and these puzzle pieces are in great hands.

With love and hope,