Moving Forward

Clear scans mean I get to keep moving forward👣🙏💝

And moving forward I did😊

This week I was fortunate to give three talks to three different schools, one inspirational talk for staff and two @aplaceforsam readings for students.

To be able to plant seeds of truth into other’s hearts is something I will never tire of doing. 

One of my favorite moments from this week...

Me: What does it mean to be unique?

2nd grader: To be different in a special way.

Me: What does it mean to be valuable?

2nd grader: Valuable means...a treasure.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

May we all...

Pause. Breathe. Pray. 

And remember that we are all different, in a special way, we are a treasure in this world and our piece of the puzzle matters.

In case you forgot that truth, this is your reminder💕

Thank you to Canton Schools , Tolland Schools and The Master's School for having me visit.

It was a gift to be there beside you💝

If you would like me to come your way for a talk, or via teleconference, send me a note at 

With gratitude, love and hope,

"Go out into the world and share the Good News with everyone in the world." - Mark 16:15