Learn to Modify

A truth about cancer is that just when you think you’re fine, it reminds you that it’s effect can linger.

Last Friday we had the dodgeball tournament and this was me the next day, while my daughter and a couple friends went shopping.

The old me could be on my feet for 7 hours dodging balls no problem, the healing me ended up in leg spasms all night. I had promised my daughter I’d do this the following day (her bday!) and there was no way I was backing out.

So I modified. I walked around (far behind them🤓) and then sat outside the stores and read. I gave thanks for the stores with chairs outside of them and for the others, I simply sat on the ground, like this.

Thankfully, now a week later, my legs are finally feeling well again💝

I share this for all of us healing from cancer - or other illnesses. Though we may be doing well overall, if/when there is a set back, may we not allow it to stop us from still living this beautiful life we have been given but instead may we choose to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

And receive wisdom on how we can continue to move forward, imperfectly, in spite of our set back.

And may we always remember that cancer may have impacted our bodies but may we not allow it to touch our Spirit.

With love and hope,