Gratitude not Regret

2018 winter walk.jpg

Today our crew took a refreshing walk. I will not pretend all were on board for this to take place. It’s never easy to get going but in the end, we are all smiles and grateful we did it. (Plus our relationships are stronger for it.)

I share this with you today as we begin to think about our new year ahead and the goals we will be setting. I invite you to join me to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

May we remember the first step towards any goal is the hardest to take. The reasons not to do things often outnumber the reasons to do them. Yet the truth is taking the easy way out is what inhibits us from meeting our goals. Therefore, it is worth fighting through the resistance to take the first step towards accomplishing the goal at hand.

Whatever goals we set for ourselves, may we remember to amplify our why behind the goal and turn down the excuses so we can look back with gratitude and not regret.

Here’s to our next, and hardest, step forward...

With love and hope,