Be a Vessel of Love

2018 camp of the woods mug.jpg

My cup is full. This weekend I have been poured into by so many (for my upcoming birthday this week🤫). From a quick get away with friends, dinner last night with my parents, sisters and their husbands, to a family hike today, I am filled to the brim💝

I am so full of love and joy all I want to do is love on others.

I share this with you because some of you may be feeling full too yet others of you may be feeling empty (please know I’ve been there too).

No matter where you fall on that spectrum today, I invite you to join me to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

If you are feeling full like I am currently, may we take this love and joy and pour it towards others through our words and actions so others can experience the love of God through us. Yet if you are feeling empty, I hope that someone pours love your way, and you receive it, even if it’s in the simplest form such as a smile.

And for all of us, may we always remember there is a source that will fill us with love, anytime, anywhere, and that is God. May we allow His unfailing, abundant love to be poured into our hearts so we may be full, lacking nothing. And with that fullness may we be a vessel of love, pouring into others hearts throughout our days💞

With love and hope,

P.S. and if you’re wondering how to get that love from God, when I started my journey to live from the inside out, I simply asked God if he was there and went from there😊🙏💕