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Some people see me where I am now and think I’ve always stood on solid ground. The truth is, I have had to journey through anxiety and depression in life to get where I am today. In honor of #worldmentalhealthday here is an excerpt from my book, My Journey to Live from the Inside Out, that shines a light on the heaviness one can feel when weighed down in depression.

Please remember, if you are in a low place, you are never alone. Reach out to someone, a loved one, a friend, call 2-1-1, etc. Invite someone into the struggle with you. There are people waiting to walk beside you through this...and I am living proof there can be another side to the struggle.

And for those who don’t understand it, you don’t need to. Simply choose to love and listen. 

“Never look down in someone else unless you are helping them up.”

With love and hope,