Say and Do What is Ours To Say and Do

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As you are well aware, there are a lot of struggling hearts in the world, near and far, mine and yours. 

Everyday I have been waking up reminding myself that I have a choice of who holds my heart. I can give it to the hurt, the pain, the frustration, the anger...OR...I can give it to God. 

I choose to give it to God. 


Because it’s the only way I have found I can live more fully in this world full of dis-ease.

So what do I do?

Daily I ask God, “what is mine to say or do today that will help me bridge hearts with someone else and let them know they are seen and heard, known and loved?”

Yes, I read the news and yes I am disheartened often by it. Yet I can’t live in that space. It doesn’t serve me and doesn’t help me serve others. Just as I can’t live my days thinking of a possible reoccurrence of cancer, I can’t live my days weighted by the bad news out there. If I live there, I will get stuck and not move forward in my day, or life. Instead, I choose to live by figuring out what I can say, what I can do, today, from where I am to walk beside others in life and help them rise up into the best version of themselves. 

I invite you to join me to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

What we say and do will look and sound different for all of us . May we start our day and week giving our hearts to God. May we each ask what is ours to say and do today so we can scatter seeds of love into the hearts of others, and be a part of the change needed in our homes, communities and society.

Let’s not get stuck in the dis-ease that is out there. Instead let’s take one step forward by living out love today and bridging hearts with others.

With love and hope,

P.S. Thank you @valleysimsbury for having me scatter seeds of love to your community last night