Watch What Matters

Yesterday we went to watch David Wright’s last game at Citifield⚾️ Being married to, and raising, life long Mets fans, it was a bittersweet day to watch David Wright, who demonstrates integrity, respect, hard work, perseverance, determination and loyalty, leave the game due to an injury.

As much as the day was about him, I found myself watching my family yesterday.

I did the same thing watching a movie on the couch on Friday night.

There is something to watching others experience life. I receive such joy watching my loved ones absorb life’s experiences. Yet too have felt their pain and sorrow. It really doesn’t matter where we are or what we do, whether I am beside them on the couch or at the ball field, it is a gift to connect with them in this way.

I share this with you today because no matter what you are doing today, I invite you to join me to...

Pause. Breathe. Pray.

May we choose to step back wherever we are today and take it all in. May we watch those we with and experience life through their eyes. Let’s watch their expressions and connect with their emotions. It is powerful and helps us get out of ourselves and bridge hearts deeper with those we are with.

And as David Wright left the field last night, I watched my husband wrap his arm around our son, as together they said goodbye to a man who brought so much joy to their lives, and the game, for so many years.

With gratitude and hope,