Why Do I Write and Speak?

I love love.

I love people.  

And I know someone, somewhere right now is struggling and I want them to know they are NOT alone.  I write and speak to infuse hope into those struggling hearts and encourage others that their struggles are not without purpose.  There IS another side of the struggle.  The caterpillar wasn't born to become a better caterpillar.  It was born to be transformed into a butterfly.  

And the same is true for us.  

Our dark times are not made to define us, but to refine us into the person God made us to be.  Yet it often take the dark times, like the caterpillar's time in the chrysalis, for us to unfold into who we were made to be.

I share this from my own life experiences...

Anxiety. Depression. Cancer. Having my palate removed.

Yes, those have all been a part of my journey but they are not who I am. Yet, they have refined me into who I am.

Who am I?

I am a grateful wife who is married to my patient husband, Stephen.  I am a stay-at-home mom to our three courageous children, Kate, Gavin and Matthew and our a energetic black lab, Georgia.  I am an inspirational author, encouraging speaker and thriving cancer survivor.  I live in my hometown in Connecticut.  I love quality time with my family, walk and tea dates with my friends, and bridging hearts with others, connecting beyond the surface where our truth resides.  

I am grateful you are here.  Take a look around, whether it is for yourself or for a friend, my hope is you will find that you are welcome here, just as you are and are encouraged for your journey.  

I look forward to connecting with you!

With love and hope,